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Dinesh Doshi
Keep yourself and others safe: Do it all! COVID THREAT IS STILL NOT OVER!!


Protect yourself and those around you:

Protect yourself and those around you:


  • Get vaccinated as soon as it’s your turn and follow local guidance on vaccination.
  • Keep a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others, even if they don’t appear to be sick. Avoid crowds and close contact.
  • Wear a properly fitted mask when physical distancing is not possible and in poorly ventilated settings.
  • Clean your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of used tissues immediately and clean hands regularly. 


Wear a mask properly:


To properly wear your mask:


  • Make sure your mask covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Clean your hands before you put your mask on, before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time.
  • When you take off your mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and every day either wash it if it’s a fabric mask or dispose of it in a trash bin if it’s a medical mask.
  • Don’t use masks with wherever you are, follow COVID-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, maintaining physical distance of at least 1 meter, and avoiding crowded or poorly ventilated places and settings whenever possible.




  • Traveling may place you in areas that are closed, confined, or crowded (the three Cs), which puts you at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. Whenever possible, stay in open, well-ventilated settings. While travelling, practice prevention measures even if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


  • Be sure to follow COVID-19 travel policies and rules required by venues, transport operators and travel hubs such as airports, bus terminals, and train stations. Know before you go.



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