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YD Diagnostics

YD Diagnostics

  • Established in 1966 as an IVD manufacturer.
  • Annual revenue increased year to year.

IVD Products

  • YD Diagnostics has developed new IVD products and persistently improved their quality by our own high technology and know-how.
  • R&D Center has been developing IVD products that have great demand such as diabetes products, immunodiagnostics, and molecular biology product stand analyzers.
  • URiSCAN brand product was selected for one of 116 world best goods the Ministry of commerce, industry and energy.
  • YD Diagnostics was selected by technical innovation company(INNO-BIZ) (the SMBA(Small & Medium Business Administration))

Global business

  • Doing global business with competitive quality and world-wide sales network over 100 countries.
  • YD Biotech(Beijing)
  • YD Diagnostics(Thailand)Co.,LTD




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