At Q-LINE BIOTECH, Corporate Governance has been an integral part of the way we conduct business. Good governance practices which are pre-requisite for attaining sustainable growth are embedded in our culture.

Corporate Governance is about doing the ‘right things’ in the ‘right manner’ at the ‘right time’ and Q-LINE BIOTECH remains committed to set the highest governance standards in form letter and spirit.

The Directors of the Company are well-known experts in their fields with a wide range of skills and expertise.

The Board has a balanced combination of executive.

The Company promotes a culture of open deliberations, transparency and impartiality and does not tolerate corrupt and immoral practices. The Company adheres to the well-accepted norms of moral and legal conduct in its business operations.

As a testament of its robust corporate governance practices and ethical conduct of business, which enforces a common code of ethics, empowers employees to report unethical practices, ensures swift redressal and institutes specific mechanisms to deal with workplace harassment.

Q-LINE BIOTECH is in compliance with Regulations, 2013 on Corporate Governance.


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