Q-line Biotech offers some of the most coveted IVD products for the diagnostic industry in India since 2013. We thrive to cater the growing demands of future by diversification within the medical IVD.

Our operation plan has been hinged by three elements: Accessibility, Quality and Affordability that helps our business ratchets up even at the most demanding times like Covid-19. Human resource is our biggest asset. We thrive, sustain and grow with believing performance culture where staff are engaged and empowered to do the best they can do, for better productivity and their sustenance.

Q-line Biotech encourages a diversity of profiles and backgrounds, promoting a work environment that respects individuals. Diversity- a gender-balanced workforce and gender equality are embedded in Q-line Biotech’s culture. The diversity of the company reflects a strong commitment to nurturing a culture of inclusion that respects the individuality of each employee or job candidate. Key projects and initiatives are rewarded annually in the annual meet.

We believe that a well-managed and diverse workforce not only helped us realize its full potential, but also expands Q-line Biotech’s skills, knowledge and cross-cultural understanding. This, in turn, enables Q-line Biotech to understand, relate and respond to our diverse and changing customers throughout India and to provide customers with high quality products and services. Q-line Biotech believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realize their maximum potential within the company. Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people and our overall commitment to diversity.


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