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Albumin, synthesized primarily by the liver, represents 50 to 60% of total serum proteins. Because of its small size and its high plasmatic concentration, albumin is the major protein component of most extravascular body fluid, including CSF, interstitial fluid, urine and amniotic fluid. Albumin’s primary function is the maintenance of colloidal osmotic pressure in both extravascular and vascular spaces, with continuous equilibration. Albumin also binds and transports a large number of compounds (ions, free fatty acids, bilirubin, drugs etc.).


Albumin is a mobile reserve of amino acids. Increased levels of albumin are present only in acute dehydration, especially critical for new born. Hypoalbuminemia is seen in a multitude of diseases bound to different pathological states: 1) acute and chronic inflammation, 2) decreased synthesis: hepatic insufficiency, malnutrition, analbuminaemia etc. 3) increased loss: nephritic syndrome, gastrointestinal loss, sever and large burns, bedsore etc. 4) increased catabolism: fever, hyperthyroidism.

Product features

  • BCG - End point colorimetric.
  • Ready to use single reagent.
  • Inclusive of albumin standard.
  • AMR between 0.34 grams / dL ~6 grams / dL.
  • Very good correlation with other commercial reagents.
  • CE marked.

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