Customers are most valuable asset for our Organization; hence we have always been focused to provide the excellent service support.

Engineering Team:- We have a very dedicated & highly proficient team of Engineers who are available round the clock just to ensure peace of mind to customers by providing excellent after sales service support.

Customer Care Support:- Customers have always praised us for having such a wonderful system which enables them to get their complaints registered on Toll-free Number (1800-123-0079). An expert team used to response the call and extends the support by analyzing the issue over the call.A team used to address the mails received on dedicated service mail

Customer database Module:- A dedicated module to keep and update the customer database, enable us to monitor and cater our services effectively.

Email Notifications:- Service operations are very smooth through Email Notifications for Preventive Maintenance in advance. This feature facilitates Engineers to plan well and customers have got benefitted with this approach and it really helped us to maximize MTBF (Mean Time between Failures).

Office & Infrastructure:- Just to minimize the transportation time and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), we have kept our offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Orissa, Lucknow & Patna so as to avail spares to Engineers easily. This has benefitted our customers efficiently.

Trainings:- In our Organization, we believe the training as the fundamental building block and we nurture it in a very sophisticated way. Technical experts categorize training levels and ensure periodically improvements so as to enhance the subject and technical knowledge of Engineers.


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