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Q-Line® Molecular Viral RNA extraction kit (Magnetic bead method) is intended for the extraction, enrichment and purification of nucleic acids (DNA &RNA) in a variety of samples like serum, plasma, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal exudates etc. The processed samples are intended for clinical in vitro diagnosis by medical professionals only.


The magnetic beads of the kit has specific polymeric ions which adsorb the nucleic acids on to the bead surface. In special conditions like hypersaline, the cells or viruses in the sample lyse rapidly and release nucleic acids. The magnetic beads in the reagent adsorb the nucleic acid during the purification process and are separated from the liquid phase by applying a magnetic field. The purified nucleic acids are then eluded from the magnetic beads by changing the liquid phase conditions. The extracted viral RNA shall be used for the downstream applications such as PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, qRT-PCR, DNA sequencing etc.


Q-Line® Molecular Viral RNA extraction kit (Magnetic bead method) presents two different pack formats for their specified use.

  • For Q-Xtra 32 system.
  • Generic kit (for manual extraction).

Product features.


For Q-Xtra 32 automated system:

  • Extraction of up to 32 samples in one go.
  • Very short purification time (10 minutes).
  • Uses ‘Carrier RNA’ for maximum yield with a recovery rate > 90%.


Manual Extraction Kit.

  • Very easy to use.
  • Extraction of 30 samples could be done in 30 minutes (depending on the technician’s skill)
  • Uses ‘Carrier RNA’ for maximum yield with a recovery rate not less than > 90%.
  • Storage at RT.

Product Code







Q-Line Molecular Viral

100 Test

Manual Standard



MDX Molecular Viral RNA

288 Test

(Magnetic Bead) - Auto



Q Xtra-32

96 Tests

Manual Standard



100 Tests

100 Tests



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