VTM (Viral Collection and Transport Medium)

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Collection, preservation & transport of virus sample.

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Starting in March 2020, increasing demand for testing COVID-19 led to a shortage of both NP swabs and VTM has created significant bottlenecks in large-scale testing efforts. In addition, the quality of the VTM and the sample collecting skill together highly influences the reliability of the laboratory results. Q-Line® Molecular VTM kit has long been recognized as one of the leading transport devices in India, demonstrating survival of SARS CoV 2 virion at ambient temperatures.


Q-Line® Molecular VTM kit consists of a viral transport medium with set of 2 individually packed sterile polyester swabs; designed for maximum patient comfort.  The VTM tube featrures a 3cc volume in a 10cc tube with a stand base. Technically, every batch of  VTM undergoes a rigorous quality parameters check including viral recovery rate before they were released to ensure the viability of the sample; post transportation and the safety of healthcare personnel handling the samples.

Product features.

  • Validated and approved by ICMR.
  • Leak proof tube with recommended cryopreservatives.
  • 10 cc stand base tubes with 3 cc of filled medium.
  • Colour indicator- in case of improper storage, physical damage, contamination etc.
  • Very narrow osmolality range to minimize batch to batch variations.
  • Optimized antibiotics concentration to inhibit bacterial contamination.
  • Excellent recovery.
  • Individually packed gamma sterilized polyester swabs.

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3 mL VTM 2 Swabs

50 kits / pack



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