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The qTOWER³ product family guarantees well-founded real-time results as it benefits from peerless temperature control precision in the sample block regardless of the number of samples used. The patented high-performance optics guarantee the outstanding homogeneous excitation and illumination of all individual samples. The qTOWER³ product family achieves unique flexibility with its proven, free configured and expandable filter module equipment and enables up to six-fold multiplexing.

  • Powerful – ideal real-time PCR signals
  • Comfortable – easier and universal operating concept
  • Unrivalled – fast and precise results
  • Ready for the future – maximum flexibility

Do you rely on low operating costs, fast analysis times, and obtaining the best results – all at a high sample volume? Our qTOWER³ product portfolio raises your real-time PCR workflow to the next level. Reduce your number of repeat analyses, increase your analysis speed, and significantly reduce your cost per sample in the process. The qTOWER³ thermal cycler also provides you with state-of-the-art heating technology and temperature homogeneity, which is immediately reflected in more accurate results.

  • Patented fiber optic system ensures maximum experimental reproducibility in all block positions
  • Innovative sample block technology for the best thermal well-to-well uniformity
  • Expandable filter module system for maximum flexibility
  • qPCRsoft package for easy control and operation

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