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Nucleic Acid Extraction System

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Extraction and purification of nucleic acids by magnetic beads protocol is a simple and efficient method much preferred by professionals nowadays. Magnetic particulate materials such as beads are used to support the isolation process because of their larger binding capacity. The nucleic acid binding process is assisted by the nucleic acid ‘wrapping around’ the support usually a magnet sable biopolymer. A magnetic field when applied to the side of the vessel containing the sample mixture will aggregate the particles near the wall of the vessel.


Q-Xtra® nucleic acid purification system find its use widely in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, disease control and prevention, food safety, forensic science and many other fields. With the dedicated reagent kit, it can quickly extract nucleic acids in different samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swabs, secretions, exfoliated cells, urine, sputum, stool and FFPE tissues. The whole activity is done without contaminating the samples with the aid of specially designed instrument components such as HEPA filters and UV light. The instrument extract and purify up to 32 samples around 9 minutes shortening significantly the time consumed for PCR assay in commercial setups.



  • Complete phase separation.
  • High recovery > 90%
  • Minimized chances of contamination while handling.
  • Very simple and easy to operate.
  • Pre-filled reagent kits for reducing the manual work and time.
  • Extract and purify up to 32 samples in nine minutes.
  • Operator’s safety with inbuilt HEPA filter.
  • UV sterilization reminder with inbuilt UV radiation facility.
  • Five pre-set programmes and 500 programmable options.

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Extraction System (Magnetic Bead Based)

Q-Xtra Plus 32



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