VERI-Q MULTI Meter (Lipid/ Hemoglobin/ Glucose)

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Standard packing includes 1 Multi Meter with 3 AAA batteries, 1 lancing device, 1 check strip along with carry bag.

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The Veri-Q Multi meter is used for the quantitate measurement of 8 blood parameters; Glucose, Total cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL cholesterol, calculated LDL cholesterol, CHOL/HDL ratio, LDL/HDL ratio Hemoglobin. The meter is suitable for professional use as well as shelf testing. The Veri-Q multimeter is only be used with the specially designed test strips.



Veri-Q Multi meter:

  • Battery operation- 3XAAA 1.5 V Alkaline manganese batteries,
  • Number of measurements- more than 1000 tests with new batteries
  • Method of measurement- Lipid and Hemoglobin- Optical method, Glucose- Electrochemical Method.
  • Large LCD Display
  • Memory capacity of 1000 readings
  • Function- Average of glucose measurement (default 14 days)


Lipid and hemoglobin test strips: Specially designed strips for use on Veri-Q Multi meter

  • Total cholesterol: 100-400 mg/dL, TG: 50-600 mg/dL, HDL: 20-80 mg/dL, Hb – 5-25 g/dL
  • Type of sample- Fresh capillary blood for self-monitoring & professional use.
  • Blood Sample Volume- 15 ul (CHOL, TG, HDL) 7 ul (hemoglobin), 30 ul (CHOL/HDL simultaneous measurement) 45 ul (lipid 3 times)
  • Measurement time – 3 minutes
  • Storage temperature – 8-30°C
  • Hematocrit- CHOL, TG, HDL, 30-50 %
  • Measurement temperature- 20-40°C.


Glucose test strips: Veri-Q BALANCE Glucose strips common for Veri-Q Balance Glucometer & Veri-Q Multi meter 

  • Measurement range – 20 -600 mg/dL
  • Type of sample- fresh capillary blood
  • Blood sample volume 0.5 ul
  • Measurement time – 5 sec
  • Storage temperature – 2-30°C
  • Hematocrit-20-60%
  • Measurement temperature-10-40°C
  • Method of measurement- Electrochemical method
  • Method of correction- Correction of plasma.



Product Code







VERI-Q MULTI Lipid Meter

1 Pkg

Standard Packing


VERI-Q MULTI Lipid test strips

10 Strips


Veri-Q Multi Hemoglobin Test Strips

50 Strips


Veri-Q BALANCE glucose test strips

50 Strips

Lipid C/S

Veri-Q Multi Lipid Control Solution

3 x 2 mL


Veri-Q Multi Hemoglobin control solution

3 x 2 mL


Veri-Q Glucose control solution

2 x 2 mL

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