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The Hemoglobin Monitoring System is intended for a quantitative determination of hemoglobin in capillary, venous and arterial whole blood in professional health care settings for point-of-care testing, which uses a specially designed analyzer and specially designed strips.


The Veri-Q Multi hemoglobin strips are specially designed for use with Veri-Q Multi Meter. Veri-Q Multi Hemoglobin Strips requires less than 10 ul whole blood derived from fingerpick and gives HB results  at your convenience within a minute. 


The readings from the Veri-Q Multi meter are only to be used for general information purposes - they are not a substitute for a medical examination from a registered medical practitioner. It is based on the principle of reflectance photometry, and it is suitable for self-testing.




  • Specially designed test strips for use with Veri-Q Multi meter 
  • Measuring range – 5-25 g/dL
  • Type of sample- Fresh capillary blood for self-monitoring & professional use.
  • Blood Sample Volume- 7 ul (hemoglobin), 
  • Measurement time – within 3 seconds
  • Storage temperature – 8-30°C
  • Measurement temperature- 20-40°C.
  • Open vial stability- 3 Months 
  • After drug marking 
  • Hematocrit value

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Veri-Q Multi Hemoglobin Test Strips

50 Strips

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