Giant IFE–Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE)

Giant IFE–Immunofixation Electrophoresis (IFE)

Product Description

The most advanced electrophoresis system for IMMUNOFIXATION

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Cell-Start Project is an Italian company based in Cologno, Monzese. The company designs and manufactures automated electrophoresis instruments and a range of CA reagent kits for analysis of serum proteins, immunofixation, alkaline hemoglobin, and lipoproteins.

Giant IFE is an automated cellulose acetate electrophoresis system capable of analyzing 4 to 40 samples of serum proteins, haemoglobin or lipoproteins per analytical cycle, or up to 5 immunofixation tests per cycle. The instrument uses dedicated cellulose acetate strips (stationary phase) which are prefabricated and optimized for high resolution banding and easy handling. Giant IFE is a popular model in clinical laboratories aiding the investigation of multiple myeloma, light chain only multiple myeloma (LCMM) or Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia through immunofixation, in addition to routine screening procedures; serum proteins, alkaline haemoglobin and lipoproteins.

Product features:

  • Automated cellulose acetate electrophoresis system.
  • 4-40 samples (sPEP/Hb/Lp) per analytical cycle.
  • Up to 5 samples for immunofixation per cycle.
  • Automatic densitometry reading.
  • Automatic reagents handling.
  • Test menu includes: Serum proteins, IFE, alkaline haemoglobins (H, A, F, S*, C* & A2:  *S & C co-migrates with other variants) and lipoproteins.
  • No start up- shut down cost.
  • No hidden cost like the capillary electrophoresis.
  • No special cleaning solutions.
  • Simple operator interface.
  • Complete walk away system.
  • Average - 35 minutes procedure.
  • Compliance to CE.



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