Our Global Presence

Our Global Presence

Our company’s Import & Export strategy is based on projections that includes turnover which makes up in doing business with partners from more than 15+ countries all over the world.

Q-line Biotech is helping thousand plus of people do business. If you have any questions about our products or services use the form on our contact page to drop us an e-mail. Conventional phone calls are also accepted; just dial 1800 123 0079.

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Research and Development

Over the past 10 years, the research and development department of Q-line Biotech has increased its manufacturing capacity many times and established a solid presence in both domestic and international markets. We are always adding new products to our sales ranges and improving the quality of the ones we already have. Our success may be attributed to our skilled associates, tight collaboration with clients and end users, and attentive listening to their requirements, grievances, and feedback. These factors enable us to produce goods that are both highly competitive and of superior quality.

The Research and Development Department collaborates with clinical facilities, scientific research organizations, and several national programs to develop novel, cutting-edge products. We are creating reagents that are both environmentally and user-safe, adhering to the growing global trend of lowering dangerous chemicals.

In order to make our goods easy to use, safe to use, standardized, and traceable, the primary responsibility of the Research and Development Department is to set high standards and demanding requirements. Every product undergoes extensive testing, minimal usage errors are made, and rival technology is continuously monitored.

We want to give a product that fully understands the needs of the user and offers a solution through straightforward, safe, and dependable use with obvious results, all while keeping in mind the welfare of every man and, most importantly, of every patient.

Corporate Reputation

At Q-LINE BIOTECH, Corporate Governance has been an integral part of the way we conduct business. Good governance practices which are pre-requisite for attaining sustainable growth are embedded in our culture.

Corporate Governance is about doing the ‘right things’ in the ‘right manner’ at the ‘right time’ and Q-LINE BIOTECH remains committed to set the highest governance standards in form letter and spirit.

The Directors of the Company are well-known experts in their fields with a wide range of skills and expertise.

The Board has a balanced combination of executives.

The Company promotes a culture of open deliberations, transparency and impartiality and does not tolerate corrupt and immoral practices. The Company adheres to the well-accepted norms of moral and legal conduct in its business operations.

As a testament of its robust corporate governance practices and ethical conduct of business, which enforces a common code of ethics, empowers employees to report unethical practices, ensures swift redressal and institutes specific mechanisms to deal with workplace harassment.

Q-LINE BIOTECH is in compliance with Regulations, 2013 on Corporate Governance.