Astira C-MS

Astira C-MS

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Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer.

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Since the introduction of automated clinical chemistry analyzers in 1956, automated analyzers have evolved into a multichannel continuous flow auto analyzers in very short time. Random-access discrete analyzers are the ultimate, modern-time instruments



  • Benchtop | discrete random-access analyzer.
  • Constant throughput of 240 tests/hr.
  • Prism grating system with 12 wavelengths selection.
  • Comprehensive range of validated system reagents for best quality performance.
  • Long usable PMMA cuvette segments for high optical performance.
  • Minimum reaction volume (100?L) for cost efficiency.
  • 40+ sample positions and 40+ reagents positions with additional 40 swappable reserves for both samples and reagents making the system more ergonomic for the user.
  • Integrated collision sensor and level sensor for eliminating accidental hazards.
  • Dirty cuvette cell identification.
  • Integrated wash station for longevity of cuvette cells and walkaway.
  • LJ plotting with Westgard rules for monitoring quality throughout, for better PT score.




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