Innolab 200

Innolab 200

Product Description

Innolab 200 Semi Automatic

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REF Volume
600002PS InnoLab 200

InnoLab 200 analyzer has been made to meet more than the expectations of small laboratories, who value the quality of their work. The instrument is not just cost effective but a blend of robustness, reliability, modern quality monitoring features etc. The bigger touch screen, the interface, the dynamics and everything in it give its user a sense of ease to operate and interpret. Cased in smooth white plastic casing with no grain texture reduce the effort to clean the spillage of biological samples and their stain. Above all?, the InnoLab 200 feature a comprehensive biochemistry menu, validated with Q-line range of reagents. 

Product features:


  • Quartz flow cell for best optical performance.
  • Large touch screen with intuitive icons on home page.
  • Quality monitoring features like L J plots.
  • Easily maintainable.
  • Calibrations with single point and multi points or factor mode.
  • Supports immunoturbidimetry assays with different standard curve algorithms.
  • Dedicated cuvette wash solution (optional) available to use on routine or during immunoturbidimety assays.
  • Automatic lamp life saving feature.
  • 300 programmable tests.



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