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Lyophilized serum calibrator for clinical chemistry.

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In an analytical measurement process, getting the right answer or the “true value,” is dependent on the correct interpretation of the analytical signal generated by an instrument against a standard or a calibrator. Calibration is the step that links the magnitude of an optical, electrochemical or any analytical signal to a specific amount of an analyte. The validity of the calibration curve is one of a critical components of test accuracy. The accuracy of the calibration process is dependent on the values that are assigned to the calibrators.


The reliability of a commercial calibrator relies on a process that links the value to some agreed upon a standard material or reference method of higher hierarchy (traceability) and the degree to which a material yields the same numerical relationships between results of measurements by a given set of measurement procedures; between the results of different measurement procedures for a reference material and for representative samples from healthy and diseased individual (commutability).


Q-line Biotech presents multicalibrators from two different brands: 'ELICAL 2 and LABTROL-H CAL; lyophilysate of human serum, former a product of ELITech Group, France and the latter a product of Chemelex S.A, Spain.  Both the calibrators are traceable to their respective product line. In addition, Elical 2 exhibit an excellent commutability with patients' serum when used with Q-line reagents.

Product features:

  • 3 mL vials.
  • ELICAL 2 = Human serum lyophilised.
  • LABTROL-H CAL = Human Matrix lyophilised.
  • Covers multiple parameter.
  • Better commutability.
  • Up to 21 days of stability once aliquoted and stored at -20°C.
  • Values are traceable to NIST, JCTLM etc.
  • Long shelf life. 
  • CE marked.



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