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Semi automatic Microplate Elisa Reader

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RT-2100C is a microprocessor –controlled, general purpose photometer system designed to read and calculate the result of assays, including contagious, tumor markers, etc. which are read in micro titer plate.

The RT-2100C micro plate reader offers a 96-well plate with the ability to perform multiple tests in a single plate. Other features include large LCD display with touch screen, and adjustable plate shaking, speed and time.


  1. Touch panel let your operation easily
  2. 100 pre-programmed tests.
  3. Multiple calculations:
  • Absorbance mode (ABS).
  • Cut-Off mode.
  • Single standard mode.
  • Point to point mode
  • % Absorbance Multi-Point Mode.
  • Linear regression mode.
  • Exponent regression mode.
  • Logarithm regression mode.
  • Power regression mode.
  1. Visualization mark plate you can set blank, control, sample, standard in any place and run mostly 12 different tests in one 96 micro plate.
  2. Test time <5s/plate, and mix plate before test.
  3. Max save 100 program and 1000 patients’ data and 10000 sample records.
  4. Generalization report support multi-type printers.
  5. information manage function Department database, operator database, system log database



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