Stat Fax 2600

Stat Fax 2600

Product Description

PDFC20PB Programmable Microwell Plate Washer

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The Stat-Fax 2600 Microplate Washer is a microprocessor-controlled automatic microplate washer that accepts many types of standard microplates and micro strip trays. The instrument will accept micro wells having flat-, round-, or V-bottom configurations. It automatically accommodates partially filled micro strip trays. Plates may be washed in the A to H direction (8 strips of 12 wells each) or in the 1 to 12 direction (12 strips of 8 wells each) depending upon the plate orientation in the carrier and the number of wash probes on the head. Instruments are available with user changeable wash heads. The 8-probe head is standard; 12-probe and 16-probe (8 x 2) heads are available as optional accessories.

The instrument is fully programmable to provide multistep combinations of dispense, aspirate, combined aspirate/dispense, and timed soak cycles. Each user-programmed test can have up to 20 steps, and the instrument is capable of storing approximately 50 separate tests in non-volatile memory. As a convenience feature, the instrument can be programmed to automatically perform a rinse operation at a particular time of day. The instrument may also be used in the direct mode whereby wash operations are selected via the built-in keypad. A feature allowing user-assigned well depth may be also be used, if preferred to the automatic well sensing feature.

Features ;

  • Automatic precision washing of microplates and microstrips with flat, round bottom wells
  • Automatic calibration & alignment
  • Electronic level sensing on wash, rinse, and waste bottles
  • Operation time for one microplate single washing: 55 seconds
  • Programmable automatic rinse cycle, Stores 50 wash programs
  • Optional 2nd wash bottle



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