KC1 Delta™

KC1 Delta™

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Coagulation instruments

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KC1 Delta™ – semi automated coagulation analyser.


Tcoag’s KC1 Delta is a semi-automated coagulation analyser with a single test position providing operators with a compact easy to use system. KC Delta series instruments use micro-mechanical clot detection technology for clotting assays. In combination with KC1 Delta, Tcoag provides a reagent portfolio as a comprehensive solution to your choice in haemostasis.



Gold standard micro volume chronometric detection.       

Pipette auto start testing.

LCD display and optional printing of results.

Sample and reagent incubation area.

Programmable test modes.   


  • Patented mechanical clot detection for reproducible and reliable results
  • Routine and STAT testing
  • Auto start testing using auto pipette
  • Single measuring position with incubation area for 4 samples.
  • Individual cuvettes for all tests
  • Half-volume PT and aPTT testing for significant savings



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