Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hemoglobin Analyzer

Product Description

The Fully automated HbA1c (HPLC)

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The Fully automated Q-A1cH10 Hemoglobin Analyzer offers the fast throughput of HbA1c results in 130 seconds, with Hb variant detection, providing the outstanding solution for quick and reliable diabetic monitoring. No sample preparation and very little hands-on time by the operator is required for the H10 Analyzer.


  • Automated system based on High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (IECC)
  • High Precision with reliable column, CV? 1.5%.
  • Variant recognition with? -Thalassemia mode.
  • Auto sample station with 10 positions with barcode scanning (external)
  • Primary tube sampling with cap piercing
  • Variant Mode



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