UriScan Pro

UriScan Pro

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Semiautomatic urine analyzer | High throughput |

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Urinalysis plays a major role in the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of renal and urological conditions. The urine dip stick is a semi-quantitative test and has become increasingly more sensitive owing to advances in electronic instrumentation: which in turn has created more demand for urinalysis and a system with higher throughput.


URiSCAN PRO is a semiautomatic urine chemistry analyzer, designed for clients having low to medium work load (up to 720T / hr in pre incubated mode or 40T/hr in incubation mode). The drip tray design allows its user to handle immersed strips with ease and comfort. The analyzer works based on the principle of reflectance photometry and image processing technology. The dedicated URISCAN urine test strip provides reliable urine test results with high accuracy and reproducibility by adopting high technology standards. The URiSCAN urine dipstick offers up to 14 analytes for testing and are available in different combinations in order to match the needs of different clients. Kindly choose the specific requirement form the product specification section on this page.


YD Diagnostics is a Korean company, established in the year 1966 as an IVD manufacturer has a global presence of 116 plus countries. They are the proud owners of many innovations in the diagnostic urine chemistry and their products are listed among the best 100 products in the world.

Product Features :
  • Reflectance photometry.
  • Throughput : 720T / hr (in pre incubated mode) OR 40T / hr (incubation mode)
  • Closed system : Allow to read only URiSCAN test strips
  • Automatic adjustment for urine colour
  • Manual clarity input mode.
  • 7" Touch Screen TFT LCD.
  • External barcode scanner.
  • Dimension: 463mm(W) × 370mm(D) × 173mm(H).
  • Memory capacity: 3,000 test results, 1,000 QC data and 30 calibration data.
  • Simple calibration.
  • Easy data management & various data printing format.
  • Workable with 4-13 parameter strip.
  • Host-communication: RS 232C and USB.



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