Q-LISA Dengue NS1

Q-LISA Dengue NS1

Product Description

Elisa For The detection of Dengue NS1 Antigen

Available Options:

REF Volume
DNSE0096/QB 96 test
DNSE0048/QB 48 test

Dengue virus (DENV) “the most important vector-borne viral disease of humans and likely more important than malaria globally in terms of morbidity and economic impact”. There are four distinct but antigenically related serotypes of dengue viruses (serotype 1-4) cause dengue fever, a severe flu-like illness. Primary infection results in a self-limiting disease with mild to high fever lasting 3 to 7 days, severe headache with pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, rash and vomiting. Secondary infection is the more serious and can result in DHF and DSS.

The most challenging problem associated with infected patient management is rapid and specific detection of dengue virus during acute phase in order to implement timely clinical treatment. RT-PCR allows early diagnosis during febrile phase, but both methods need a specialized laboratory and results are not immediate. Detection of dengue virus-specific antibodies are commonly used for routine diagnostic. However, In primary infection, IgM and IgG arise approximatively 5 and 14 days respectively after symptom onset. Testing of Dengue NS1 is useful to diagnose dengue virus infection at a very early onset of symptoms and can be detected up to 5-7 days

Accurate Detection:

• Best in the industry analytical sensitivity (0.01 ng/ml)

• Evaluated and approved by RGCB.

• Excellent Correlation with RT-PCR

Fast & Streamline:

• Lowest incubation time of 95 minutes.

• Compatible to almost all open ELISA processors.

• Single-Step ELISA procedure


• 50 µl Serum/plasma samples.

• Sample addition verification by changing color.

• Ready to use reagents.



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