Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction kit

Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction kit

Product Description

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Available Options:

REF Volume
MDVN96Q096QB 1x96 Test
MDVN96Q192QB 1x192 Test


Key Feature :

  1. The kit provides high yields of purified viral nucleic acids, ensuring ample material for downstream molecular applications.
  2. It ensures high purity of extracted nucleic acids, free form contaminants that could interfere with downstream analyses.
  3. The kit is compatible with various sample types, including blood, plasma, serum, saliva, swabs and other body fluid. making it suitable for a  wide range of applications.
  4. With a streamlined protocol and optimized reagents, the kit enables fast and efficient extraction of viral nucleic acids, saving time in the laboratory.
  5. The kit undergoes stringent quality control measures and validation to ensure consistent and reliable performance, minimizing variability between extractions.
  6. It is compatible with manual method, providing flexibility to suit different laboratory setups and throughput requirements.
  7. The kit is user-friendly, with clear protocols and convenient reagent formats, making it accessible to both experienced researchers and novices in molecular biology.


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