Bilirubin (direct) Labkit

Bilirubin (direct) Labkit

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Sulfanilic acid | Colorimetric

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Serum bilirubin concentration reflects the ability of hepatocytes to take up, conjugate and secrete bilirubin, so it is a functional marker rather than a marker of cellular integrity as reflected by serum transaminase levels. Pathologic elevation of conjugated bilirubin (concentration higher than 2 mg/dL or more than 20% of total bilirubin) is termed conjugated hyperbilirubinemia. It is a biochemical marker of cholestasis and hepatocellular dysfunction. Moreover, it may be observed in systemic illnesses with hepatic involvement. 


Serum bilirubin levels are used to rule out clinical conditions:

Pre-hepatic        -   Haemolytic crisis

Hepatic                 - Hepatic disease (decreased ability to conjugate and excrete bilirubin), intrahepatic cholestatic disease

Post-hepatic      -   Bile duct obstruction results in an accumulation of conjugated bilirubin.

  • End point -colorimetric assay.
  • Both ready to use reagents.
  • Suitable for semi-automated analysis and shall be programmed on most of the fully automated analyzers.
  • AMR = 0.04mg / dL~20mg/dL.
  • No significant interference with other serum analytes.
  • First party controls and calibrators are available on additional cost.
  • CE marked.



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