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NBT | Nitroblue tetrazolium chloride reduction method.

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Fructosamine is the general name for glycated proteins which become stable ketoamine, and is measured by the reduction chromogenic reaction with nitroblue tetrazolium as the substrate, by utilizing the strong reducing power of fructosamine in alkaline solution. Fructosamine is not affected by anemia or variant hemoglobin. Since the metabolic turnover of albumin (2-3 weeks) which occupies most of serum protein is faster than that of hemoglobin, measurement of fructosamine can be used to judge intermediate-term glycemic control.

Serum fructosamine concentration measured by the reduction of nitro-blue tetrazolium in alkaline solution, has been shown to be simple, inexpensive and useful in the assessment of glucose homeostasis both in type I and type II diabetes mellitus. Though, fructosamine is not used for diagnosis of diabetes; however, its usefulness in patients having anemia or variant haemoglobins has been highly recognized. In addition, fructosamine may be helpful in patients undergoing multiple changes in treatment or in pregnant women.

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