TIBC - (Total iron binding capacity)

TIBC - (Total iron binding capacity)

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Serum iron is carried throughout the body bound predominantly to transferrin, occupying about one-third of its binding sites. The measurement of the maximum concentration of iron that it can bind is called the total iron-binding capacity (TIBC). The TIBC test serves as a good indirect measurement of transferrin. Measurement of only the remaining transferrin binding sites that are not occupied by iron is considered to be the reserve iron-binding capacity and is referred to as the unbound iron-binding capacity (UIBC).


Iron-binding capacity measurements require a standard amount of exogenous iron to be added to the patient's serum. This iron occupies all of the available binding sites and may produce an excess of unbound iron. The excess iron is removed and measured colorimetrically. The UIBC is determined by subtracting the amount of the unbound excess iron from that of the iron added. The sum of the serum iron and UIBC represents the TIBC. The percentage saturation of transferrin with iron is calculated by dividing the serum iron concentration by the TIBC and multiplying by 100.


Both TIBC and UIBC tests are used in conjunction with serum iron measurements to identify individuals with either iron deficiency or overload. The TIBC is often increased in iron deficiency and decreased in malnutrition, malignancies, acute inflammation as well as chronic inflammatory disorders.

Product features.

  • Intended for the quantitative estimation of TIBC in serum or plasma.
  • Saturation and precipitation of unbound iron assay.
  • Ready to use reagents.
  • Manual sample processing.
  • The processed sample must be assayed with IRON FZ kit: REF.30270.
  • The processed sample could be measured by a semi-automatic instrument or a fully automated analyzer.
  • Wide AMR: 3~1000?g/dL.
  • CE marked.



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